Glasgow Road , Paisley  PA1 3PA

Telephone:        0141-889 7060

e-mail:   Church Office

e-mail:       Webmaster

Scottish Charity No:   SC007484

Minister:  Rev John Murning


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Kirk Session


Moderator’s Committee

 Support/advice/assistance for Minister.    Members:  Minister (Convenor), Session

                                                                                             Clerk, + 8 elders.

 Typically deals with issues/tasks                Service:  3 years  then break for at least

    requiring detailed consideration                         1 year.

    and discovery/examination of


 Frequently presents “options” to full         Meets as business remitted to it dictates.

    Session for their ultimate acceptance/


CWW Steering Group

 Think tank for ideas/initiatives which         Members:   Session Clerk (Convenor)

    promote CWW objectives.                         + 3 elders + 2 members


 Typically generates projects which it           Service:       Nothing fixed:  under review.

    develops/runs or passes over to other

    existing or new teams.

    Meets as needed.

Pastoral Care Committee

 Team who assist Minister and Pastoral      Members:    Minister (Convenor),  A-L          Assistant by monitoring pastoral                                    Keddie (Co-ordinator)

    needs of members and ensuring                                     + 3 elders  + 2 members

    care is organised.                                                             (no fixed composition).


 Typically organises visits to elderly.           Service:         for 1 year (renewable).

    housebound , the sick and bereaved.

 Delivers Church flowers and cards to         Meets at least quarterly.

    mark special situations.

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