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An update on this project can be found on the “Path to Renewal” page which can be accessed from the Navigation Bat above or by clicking on the following link.

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Our monthly evening service will resume at the end of March (Sunday 26th March at 6.30pm).  This is a reflective service which includes the celebration of communion and an opportunity for prayers of healing and wholeness.  Nothing magical happens at these services, other than we invite Jesus

to be present in our midst and answer our prayers.  If you

have never come to this service before why not give it a try!


Sherwood Greenlaw Church has made a commitment to support the Scripture Union work locally for a four year period. What Scripture Union does within Scotland is;

CENTRES - Their residential centres are places of adventure, escape, discovery and hope. Young people come to enjoy time together and try out new activities

DISCIPLESHIP -Their discipleship programme helps young people to grow, learn, explore and develop.

HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS - Outdoor fun, high energy activities, music, crafts, friends, fun, camping and a whole lot more besides.

MISSION - They partner with churches across Scotland, helping them realise their vision for mission and evangelism.

PRAYER- One of their core values at SU Scotland is dependence on God – they are so aware of how much we need his direction, wisdom, and power! Not surprisingly, then, prayer forms a key element of all they do.

PRIORITISING THE DISADVANTAGED -They want to work with everyone in our society, but, in particular, they make time for those in challenging circumstances, those with limited resources and few opportunities

SCHOOLS -Through the year, SU workers and volunteers contribute to the curriculum in many of Scotland’s schools. From Shetland to Dumfries, Argyll to Fife, they have been partnering with schools across Scotland for over 70 years, contributing to the curriculum and the spiritual development of young people.

SU GROUPS are extra-curricular clubs taking place in primary and secondary schools, empowering children and young people to explore the Christian faith.

RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE AND RME help schools to deliver Religious Observance as part of Curriculum for Excellence and find resources and information for teachers, volunteers and supporters. 

BIBLE ALIVE  is an exciting programme which teaches children in P5-P7 the whole storyline of the Bible in a series of interactive multimedia lessons. It fits with all four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence, as well as covering many of the experiences and outcomes in RME.

We are collecting  in support of the work they do locally in schools  through the enclosed Scripture Union envelope. Please donate if you are able and apply Gift Aid if appropriate. Please return the envelope to the church via the offering plate. Thank you.


We are Roar Connections for Life, a local charity who offer services

to older people in Renfrewshire.   Our aim is to promote health and

wellbeing and to reduce isolation.  We do this in many ways, giving

the older people in our communities a range of choices all designed to  keep them active, healthy and engaged with the community.  We meet here in Sherwood Greenlaw on Tuesday Afternoons.   Our popular club runs from 2 pm till 4 pm in the large hall and Welcome Lounge. Around 30 local residents (some members of the Church) attend for a gentle exercise class, refreshments, entertainment and a good auld blether!  We are looking for volunteers to help us with this important service.  Can you spare a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon to help set up tables and chairs, make and serve the tea and coffee and of course do the dishes!  If you are the sort of person who would like to make a difference in someone’s life please contact Anne Marie on 0141 889 7481 or e-mail her on   Thank you so much”

Anne Marie Cullen,

Volunteer Co-ordinator – ROAR

We have a few other significant events to look forward to before our session finishes in May. We will be joining with the Guiding organisations for our joint parade on Sunday 23rd April. Two weeks after that, the Company Section and oldest Junior Section boys will be heading off on our adventure weekend, plans for which are being finalised at the moment.

If you would like any further information about the work of the BB, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are on facebook, you can “like” our page to see more information about what we do – just search for 22nd Paisley Boys’ Brigade. The facebook page is updated fairly regularly with pictures and news and you might find it a good source of information in addition to New Life. We have 73 “likes” at the moment – it would be great to get to 100!

Sure & Steadfast

David Syme

Company Captain