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Dear Friends,

Some of you will live life by a regular routine.  Each day you know exactly what you will be doing, and perhaps even down to the detail of what you will eat each day of the week.  My mum and dad used to live that kind of life! Others will not live life to that detail and with that sense of organisation, instead, you probably just live for the moment, doing what you can do, when you can.  Others may live such chaotic life’s, never quite knowing what is coming next!

In March, we enter the season of Lent.  


Lent is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday. The purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer through prayer, doing penance, repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement, and self-denial. It’s not something that we Presbyterians are very hot on, as of course, being Presbyterians, we do this the whole year!

However, I want to present you with a Lenten Challenge.  As Followers of Jesus we continue to be renewed spiritually when wejourney with Jesus.  That journey invites us into a rhythm of regular       prayer. Something that I find as hard to do as many you, if you

         are honest with yourself.  That is why during the period of Lent, I

         invite you to join me at a service of Daily Prayer at 1045 each day,

         to create a rhythm of prayer in our spiritual journey, and to put

         prayer at the centre of our church and congregational life.  Not

         everyone will be able to be at every service, and some might not be

         able to come at all due to work or other commitments, but we are

producing a booklet that can be collected at church for you to follow through at home if you wish. This event is not just for the super holy

        or praying superheroes, it is for all of us who want to grow in our

        faith and understanding of God.  The service will provide a time for  

stillness,   quiet reflection and prayer, and enable us to encounter

        God and to be refreshed and empowered on our own individual faith

        journeys.  This service is connected to what we are doing as part

        of the Path of Renewal Pilot Project, and look out for other little

        experiments happening in and around the life of the congregation

        and community this year.

        I extend a warm invitation to join us in this experiment of renewal.

         They will normally be in the Welcome Lounge except for Wednesday and Sunday when our          regular Worship events take place.  If events

         are on in the halls on a Saturday the service will take place in church.  I look forward to          some people breaking a bit of their routine to try something new.

         God bless

        John Murning