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Scottish Charity No:   SC007484

Minister:  Rev John Murning


Church Without Walls News

Carrying out the Mission and Discipleship Council’s remit for Witness, the Church without Walls team helps our congregation to engage meaningfully with our community, sharing the Christian story with confidence, and responding creatively to shifting cultural trends.

The Church without Walls groups is one of the most dynamic and forward thinking groups at Sherwood Greenlaw, where we like to look at the wide and varied ways in which we can interact as a congregation with the challenges our community brings.

Previous activities for this have included organising open prayer mornings, where we offer prayers teas and hot rolls to anyone who would like to join us ( we do like a cuppa tea and chat).

Open air Easter services at the local Barshaw park, including Easter egg hunt both at the park and in the church, during the Easter day service just so we can proclaim HE is RISEN.

In the past the CWW group have helped to organise a sharing day for woman only in the church. We have invited ladies from the local community and specifically friends who do not normally attend church with us to come along and learn skills such as soup making, flower arranging and prayers and relaxation

Before the service on a Sunday morning we had been running  a pre service prayer group in our welcome lounge to hopefully encourage more people to join us in prayer, and as this was held in the glass welcome lounge,  showing the community what’s is going on in the church on a Sunday morning

We have introduced  various initiatives into the  Sunday service, such as at various Sundays throughout the year the team have led prayers in the round, reading prayer cards collected from the congregation during the service

 A quarterly newsletter has been produced to enhance information available to church visitors, such as parents collecting children from the numerous youth groups and, in conjunction with the junior church, when they have had films nights, the CWW team have gone along and provided tea and coffee to the parents waiting to pick up the children, and this gives us the opportunity to reach out to them.